A farm that grows beer



Near Robertson in the winelands of the Western Cape, there is a farm called Amandalia. This farm is quite unique because it is a beer farm.


The farm belongs to two brothers who had intended to use the land to grow fruit. Instead, they produce a different kind of nectar – one brother realized that his considerable baking skills could be applied to the brewing of beer.

And so, on their farm, in an old stone church, Saggy Stone Brewing Company was founded.

The brewery makes the most of the location by using a nearby natural spring as the source of all water used in their brews. The water is uniquely flavoured and adds a unique aspect to all Saggy Stone drinks. Since day one, the beautiful setting has provided oodles of inspiration.

This inspiration shows in the large variety of beers in the Saggy Stone range.

Saggy Stone consistently offers more than 10 beers in their canned range. In recent months, they have released two brand new brews – and we have ensured that they are available for you to try in our variety packs as soon as they hit the market!

Their latest offering is the Pacific Sunrise Brut IPA.

This beauty is made with imported New Zealand hops – for which the beer is named. The hops bring a mellow flavour to the beer, offering a toned down bitterness with mango, melon and mineral flavours rounding out the experience. Watch my review here.


 Want to try it for yourself? We’ve got you!

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